Esperienze scolastiche

Elenco dei dottorandi di Fermi a Chicago

Elenco degli studenti che ebbero Fermi come tutor per la tesi di laurea o  per il conseguimento del Ph. Doc. all'Università di Chicago, dopo il suo arrivo al termine del conflitto mondiale.
Si può notare la vastità degli argomenti e dei settori coinvolti.

Studente Anno Ph. Doc. Titolo tesi
George W. Farwell 1948  
Albert Wattenberg 1948  
Chen Ning Yang (Nobel 1957) 1948 On the angular distributions in nuclear reactions and coincidence measurements)
Geoffrey F. Chew 1948 Elastic scattering of high-energy nucleons by deuterons
Marvin L. Golderberger 1948 Interaction of high-energy neutrons and heavy nuclei
Howard A. Wilcox 1948 Experimental determination of rate of energy loss for slow H1, H2, He4, Li6 nuclei in Au and Al
Harold V. Argo 1948 Direct determination of the energy of the He3 nucleus from the D-D reaction
Lincoln Wolfesnstein 1949 Theory of proposed reactions involving polarized protons
Jack Steinberger
(Nobel 1988)
1949 On the range of electrons in meson decay
David Lazarus 1949 Measurements of elastic constants of some cubic crystals at high pressures
Marshall N. Rosenbluth 1949 Electromagnetic interaction of a vector meson with a scalar excited state
Rudolph M. Sternheimer 1949 On the compressibility of metallic Cesium
Allan H. Morrish 1949 Absolute voltage determination of two nuclear resonances below 0.4 MeV
Sidney Warshaw 1949 Stopping power for protons in several metals
John R. Reitz 1949 Effect of screening on beta-ray spectra and internal conversion
Harold M. Agnew 1949 Beta-spectra of Cs137, Y91, Pm147, Ru106, Sm151, P32, and Tm70
Owen Chamberlain (Nobel 1950) 1949 Neutron diffraction in liquid sulfur, lead and bismuth
Walter Selove 1949 The 5eV neutron resonance in Ag
Richard L. Garvin 1949 An experimental investigation of the beta-gamma angular correlation in beta decay
Tsun Dao Lee
(Nobel 1957)
1950 Hydrogen content and energy productive mechanism of white dwarfs
Uri Haber-Scheim 1951 A deduction of the high energy spectrum of cosmic ray primary nucleons from the observed muon spectrum
Jay Orear 1953  
John Rayne 1954  
Robert Schluter 1954  
Arthur H. Rosenfeld 1954  
Horace D. Taft 1954  
Jerome L. Friedmann (Nobel 1990) 1956 conferito dopo la morte di Fermi
Gaurang B. Yodh 1955 conferito dopo la morte di Fermi
James W. Cronin (Nobel 1980) 1955 conferito dopo la morte di Fermi

Chen Ning Yang e Tsun Dao Lee

Jack Steinberger
Owen Chamberlain
James Watson Cronin